I NEVER THOUGHT I’D be able to start learning bjj but boy was I wrong! After my first class, I knew the crew at MAMMA would invest in my training at a level i was comfortable. Join today!

– Jaren DAVIS Hallis

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Welcome to a world-class Mixed Martial Arts Academy. We provide instruction in BJJ, Muay Thai/Kickboxing, Self-Defense. Our goal is to provide our students with top quality care and professional instruction. Our academy offers a friendly training environment for people to learn an extremely effective system of self-defense, gain confidence, improve overall health, make great and friends, and have fun.

MAMMA strives to offer a clean and safe training environment where every student can feel welcome and at home. The school is owned and operated by Frank Mullis and Tony Quagliata and was established in 2007. Our instructors are truly passionate about teaching martial arts to all individuals including men, women, and children. Whether you are interested in Martial Arts for sport, self-protection, or just for fun, MAMMA has a program for you and your family no matter if you desire to compete or just get started. Anyone One Can Learn!



If you want to experience the benefits of a customized workout or training program that focuses on your interests, then connect with us today to get a personalized survey!

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Fitness, fun and full-on protection are a part of learning BJJ! With us, you can sharpen your competitive edge and learn how to handle a problem, especially if it goes to the ground. We invite you to come roll with us and roll around a little. You’ll be glad you did.


Experience the world of Kick Boxing life never before. You’ve seen classes at the local Yoga Shop, but this ain’t your granny’s kickboxing–unless she wants to come to learn too!


Of course, we always hear that no one is too old to start something new. We agree. We also feel strongly that the younger you get started in martial arts the better your ability in both mind and body. We have programs for many age brackets. Ask today and we’ll give you a detail of our programs for children.





I used to get beat up every day when I was picking flowers for my mom. Not anymore! MAMMA taught me to defend both myself and my mama!


Kristie Randall

I was nervous about getting ready for my move to college and MAMMA helped me learn to take the fight to the ground and finish it. Now I just go looking for people to thrash!


Gloria Crews

What can I say about the team at MAMMA? They Rock! You’ll feel right at home and even get to wear a housecoat while you’re there.


Frank birckhead

The staff is incredibly friendly. The trainers are amazing. Thanks for giving me the confidence I’ve always hoped for and the courage to grow a beard.

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